In the late  1970s and continuing until 1984 we were just a few interior designers in the province of New Brunswick, traveling to Halifax, Nova Scotia, and participating as members of the Interior Designers of Nova Scotia. At this time our province had approximately 10 to 12 practicing interior designers. 

In 1984 with the help of our connections at the Association of Registered Interior Designers of Ontario (ARIDO) enormous effort was put into drafting the legislation to be one of the first provinces in Canada to establish a Titles Act, protecting the title of Registered Interior Designer . This Legislation was passed in 1987 and the Association of Registered Interior Designers of New Brunswick was born!

The Interior Designers of Canada, our national association was working hard to advocate for the profession of interior design across the country, and at this time each province agreed to work towards establishing a practice act, in their respective provinces. With the help of legal council it was determined that our association was at a critical moment in time to get a practice act passed, and amendments to the Titles Act were made in May 2016. These amendments defined the practice of interior design and assists the public when contracting interior design services and clarifies who is permitted to carry on the practice and use the title Interior Designer.  We demonstrated to the government that he scope of services offered by a qualified Interior Designer rested on clear and determined criteria's: Education, Experience and Examination. 

Bill 63 "An Act to Amend An Act Respecting the Association of Registered Interior Designers of New Brunswick" went through the first, second and third reading and received Royal Assent/Sanction on May 5th, 2017. 

The Interior Designers of New Brunswick now has an act that defines the practice of Interior Design in the province of New Brunswick!